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A professional HeartBrain editor will closely examine your project and note suggested changes before you publish, post, or print. You choose the level of editing you need:

Proofreading This is the final step in the editorial cycle. Proofreaders will check grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, verb tense, and pronouns. They also ensure consistency with spacing, headers, and formatting. You won't see drastic recommended changes for your project.  

Copy Editing In addition to the proofreading services offered above, copy editors will adjust sentence and paragraph structure to deliver more impact, keeping your original tone intact.  Expect multiple revision recommendations.  

Line Editing A line editor works line-by-line, tightening up sentence structure so the language is sharp and clear. They look closely at how a writer’s word choice and syntax contributes to the tone or emotion of a piece of writing. A line editor is concerned with the overall pacing and logical flow of a piece.  Expect many revision recommendations.  

Developmental Editing  Editors serve more as consultants and advisors, discussing major elements of the project and are less concerned with line editing and proofreading.  This type of editing, as the name suggests, helps to develop the project, transforming ideas into a clear plan.  Expect questions and drastic change recommendations.  

Project Types Accepted  We're open to most projects! We've worked on websites, newsletters, social media content, blogs, essays, resumes and cover letters, novels, creative works, press releases, grants, and more.  

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