Every teen in our community would benefit from participating in a Writing Workshop!  While HeartBrain keeps costs low, not everyone has the resources to participate in the arts.  Donate a Writing Workshop to a young person in our community today!  Your kindness will be thanked with your own HeartBrain Writing Journal.


Scholarships will be awarded on an order of request basis.  No one will be turned away.  Teens who have already attended a workshop will be awarded scholarships after first-time participants.  


Just Some Benefits of Writing Workshops for Teens: 

Improved Writing & Reading Skills 

Opportunity for Self-Expression 

Expanded Vocabulary 

Community Connections & Socialization

Practice Critical Thinking 

Increased Empathy 

Opportunity to Process Feelings & Thoughts 

Improved Communication 

Increased Articulation 

Increased Self-Confidence 

Improved Decision-Making 

It's fun!

Donate a Teen Writing Workshop


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    Something else you'd like to be in contact about? 



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