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Meet Nik


Nik Shier is a Storyteller who first lived in a little town called Packwaukee, Wisconsin with their 16 year-old mother and her mother and her mother. They were raised on the smells of Cheese Factory Labor and Tobacco and the taste of Mulberries, American Cheese, Ramen, and Half-Colonized FryBread.  After that, they grew up mostly in Trailer Parks and Camp Grounds.  At the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, they earned their BA in English with minors in Social Justice and Creative Writing and Interned at the LGBTQ Resource Center.  And found out they are dyslexic. Shortly after they earned their MFA W from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, focusing on Creative Nonfiction.  Mostly they studied Storytelling as a route to Social Justice.  Nik is currently a proud resident of Menasha, Wisconsin where they live with Lukas, Monster, BoogieMan, and some wicked looking spiders.  Oh, and there is a mouse in the garage.  They have experience as the ED of a nonprofit organization, waiting tables, teaching in higher education, customer service, editing, writing, and some other things.  HeartBrain is their favorite dream, built by the magic of relationships, rooting to community, some amazing (weird) instructors and students, and a lot of books. Welcome! 

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